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    3D Digital Construction is the best modern choice for promoting your business and products using a software based graphic representation of a three-dimesional object or scene.

    The binomial "3D - Animation" is our golden rule for modern design. When images refuse to stand still, the result is thrilling. Agriflex trusted us.

    JAN 15, 2015 Agriflex

    Agriflex chooses a animated 3D logo to celebrate the 40th year of successful business. Designed to preserve the characteristics that distinguish it, ensuring the corporate identity, the brand discovers a new graphic.

    animated logo
    Motion Graphics.

    Agriflex designs and manufactures automated industrial plants for storing, conveying and dosing either powder, solid or liquid raw materials for the production of food, pharmaceutical and chemical products.

    Life is pretty straight without Design

    " Tantalize your customers. Use Motion Graphics "

    processing cycle

    Digital representation and rendering of the Agriflex processing cycle, can be used for multimedia publication in addition to the classic print on paper or banners

    Prepare to Want Design.

    Life would be uglier with no Design. An example? Artwork like event posters, wall murals, building signage and public art would be missing, and in its place would be a lonely, heartbreaking void!

    3D graphics

    The quality and accuracy of 3D Graphic representation make it usable for a vast range of purposes: feasibility studies, presentations, web display or advertising. The photographic effects provides the ‘virtually created’ object a realistic visual impact.

    " Don't be vague, ask for Design and splash it all over, life would be uglier without it!"